Friday, 25 June 2010

Video feedback

I've recently been introduced to video feedback. It occurs when a video recorder is connected and pointed to a monitor/t.v, this creates a loop and creates fantastic images. seems so simple too. this is something I'd love to try, something that would look great on fabric don't you think? the trouble is at the moment I don't own a T.V but i think I'm going to have to get one concidering alot of the experiments I want to try require a T.V. portishead have used this technique in the video 'all mine'.

Friday, 18 June 2010

gameboy cartridge nightmare

I'm currently trying to open my Gameboy cartridges with several tools. I just opened on by mistake and found it has a really nice circuit board inside, ready made with holes for hooking chain links on to. the other ones just will no open and I'm trying no to scratch them. I've put one of them on a chain so far and it look s really good! got so many ideas for circuit/8 bit related jewellery. I found this website which tells you how to open a gameboy cartridge with ease using a heated bic pen. I'll have to try this out at a later date because I currently do not one.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

pixel sculptures

found these. they are good

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

aah tis quite difficult to keep on top of an every day blog. I keep coming across things that are related to my work and my research and forget to 'blog' it! my most recent find is a visual artist
named Raquel meyers. I came across her work whilst checking out the line up for blip fest 2010(which i really wish i could go to ) she works with alot of old consoles and created this amazing video

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The computer chronicles

bits and pixels

I just came across this video 'bits and pixels'. content includes interviews with pixel artists and chiptune artists and makes reference to the pixel in comparison with the arts and crafts movement, tapestry and abstract art.

video art

I'm back in Aberdeen after my trip to Berlin which I have to say was an amazing city! I've also been homeward bound in glasgow for the last two weeks and not really wanting to come back here. I've been living in anticipation because I have so much to do and feel like I have so little time. This is when my blog will really start to take shape and my ideas will become clearer as it progresses...I hope!

yesterday I tried to upload a video but for some reason it doesn't seem to want to work for me. the video was by a good friend of mine who is currently studying in Amsterdam. it made me think of the video by Chris Cunnungham that was made for Aphex twin 'Rubber Johnny' except in triangle form. I'm looking forward to doing some video art as part of my research but it's new to me. Hopefully this expert can show some tricks!
by Marianne Wilson

Monday, 7 June 2010

chiptunes and chunky jewellery

I've got my first ever gig coming up in aug. I'ts Scotland's first ever chip tune mini festival and I will be playing on the sunday evening. Sunday will also be a day of circuit bending workshops and a market with chip related goodies for sale. I want to really get involved with this part of it as it's the perfect setting for me to promote my brand 'BIT WARE' as I said earlier, I'm using this blog thing as a tool to help with my research and to record inspiration. I found this image on a friends facebook as I was doing some stalking. One of my ideas is to make chip related chunky jewellery, this image is a good find for my research.

details of the festival are here.

proper blog I think

So, I am new to blogs in general and don't really look at them much but recently I've been thinking that it might be a good thing for me to record what I find online. Stuff thats interesting to me and also to keep track of all the stuff I look at for research and wot not.

I'm a textile student at Grays school of art in Aberdeen and after the summer I will go into my final year. I've kind of had it in the back of my mind that a blog would be a useful tool for me for research purposes. To be honest through I'm not a big fan of blabbing on about what I like and what I think is interesting.

I'll do my best best to do this as often as I can.

this is my first blog.