Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Amapo are a duo from Brazil. Their designs are bold ,bright and heavy on the graphics. They use mainly digital print as it's the best way for them to translate they're designs which have a zillion colours so to screen print would probably be a bit of nightmare! They're influences are a vibrant combo of surf, emo, the 80's and they're own childhood, as these ladies are in they're 30's it's easy to see from the designs how the 80's plays a big part on the designs.

I am loving these two at the moment. As I grew up in the 80's I think it plays a huge part on my style and how I design. I am all for bold, bright and vibrant use of colour, not to mention patterns.

A video and interview with Amapo.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Lina Karlsson

Lina Karlsson, a fashion designer form Sweden has designed a whole range of pixel related garments. Her designs are the closest I've seen so far that give me an idea of how my own designs could look. I love the way her garments are tailored and the design of the clothes themselves are quite simple. I think if I were to make dresses with my designs I'd want to design something similar to this. I had the idea that I would use vintage patterns almost mod style dress patterns for my designs. Amongst this collection is a range of knitwear and again it's great to see the possibilities of how my designs could look.
very inspirational stuff it is!

Process over aesthetic

It really is begining to look like I'm not the first person in the world to have the idea of computer game fashion and textiles. I just found this blog and it's a whole page worth dedicated to pixel fashion. It's great for me to see the possibilities of what my designs would look like once made into a garment as my initial idea was that the 8 bit aesthetic would look amazing on fabric but for me, I am really interested in the process and actually using obsolete computers to generate my designs. I'm really interested in the idea of the hacking of games and circuit bending a Nes(nintendo entertainment system)and also the possibility of writing software for the Nes with the intension of either hacking to create glitches and then digitally printed the result. The same idea goes for using techniques like video feedback, the idea is to capture the outcome and then print it. I am also interested in doing some knit using the same techniques. so it really is not all about the pixel aesthetic but more the machines I intend to use in the process.

Matthew Williamson fall collection 2008

This scarf is from Matthew Williamson's 2008 fall collection. The design is very much pixel inspired and this is digitally printed on to silk. He uses roses and flowers as inspiration and you can see where much of the high street fashion of last year has came from. TopShop were one outlet that stocked pixelated flower print dresses and skirts. The full collection can be found in the link below.

A gorgeous hand made tetris dress

This cute little number is taking the idea of gaming textiles in very literal fashion but I like it! it's something you could easily find on the high street and is a good idea for a diffusion range. I'm not sure how she made it, if the tetris pieces were individually sewn on or if it was printed. looks like it took allot of work anyway.

A small collection of pixel related goodies

on a mission
to find 8 bit/pixel
related textiles.
here is what I have found!

Friday, 16 July 2010

space invaders knit wear for kids and 8 bit landscape hoodies

So far I have not managed to find to many designers with 8 bit idea in mind. I found these two today and one of which is the Punk daddy Malcolm Mclaren. He has designed a range of kids where with retro gaming in mind. The thing about that is the kids wont have a clue what a space invader is and it's more likley to be the parents that will think it's cool and the nostalgia element will be directed at them. quite a good idea actually.

The other one is similar to that of the space invader as it is obvious that the design is taken from a vintage computer game. I like these hoodies and they are instantly recodnisable as such. They are definatley aimed at the computer game geek.
Article in wired magazine about chip tunes and Malcolm Mclarens 8 bit fashion range 'fashion beast'

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

3 very interesting websites

Monday, 12 July 2010

My gameboy jewellery is coming along rather well.

Thursday, 1 July 2010


I've been working on my brand logo. I've came up with some stuff but I like this one the best.

Christian Zuzunaga

Christian Zuzunaga, a London based graphic designer who's concepts include the pixel "the icon of our time" I discovered him a few months ago and he's pretty much stole my idea's. He uses the pixel on interiors, such as sofa's hand woven rugs and cushions and has also produced a mens wear fashion range. The pixel looks great anywhere!

As part of my course I am required that I choose which area I want to go into to. choices are: interiors, fashion or mixed media. Christian Zuzunaga has shown that the pixel it's a very versatile square.
This website shows a target market.

Designers website