Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Jim Dairn pixel sweaters

Jim Dairn is a fine artist who's choice of medium is knit. Recently he has crossed over into the fashion industry and has created a collection of pixel inspired sweater. Jim say's " it's easy for me to look at atari game graphics and see the connections between knit and weave. it's also an effective way of seperating colour.

Jim knows the score!

colour and light organs

I am really interested in the idea of colour organs and using them as a means to create some designs. I like the idea of building on but I have no experience with that kind of thing.
here is a good article on colour organs.

Shaman retreat back in 2006

After reading about Carri mundane's shamanic and ancient civilisation inspiration, it reminded me of a retreat that Gavin and I went on in 2006. It was new age retreat with new age shamans and it was called spirit, plant medicine. The idea was to spend a couple of days meditating, talking to plants and getting back to nature in group of around 15. On the last night our group sat in a circle and drank the brew ayahuasca, an ancient brew used by shamans in the Amazon for healing and divinatory purposes. it's a combination of leaves and bark grown in the Amazon and is brewed for around 12-15 hours. This particular brew was very mild but I was aware of the plant presence and felt as through the tress were watching me. every now and then i would see bright sparkling flowers out of the corner of my eye. This was during my second year doing fine art in college and when i returned i was very inspired by experience. After being so inspired by carrie mundane I felt compelled to dig out that sketch book and put some photo's up.

Monday, 30 August 2010

video feedback and Chordata album cove

These are some Images i created using video feedback. I have used them as potential album covers for my friend Chordata. Her music is dark, melodic electro and she uses the ghost as her icon. The ghost is a little flashing badge and was brilliant for looping. I love the dark atmosphere that the ghost and the feedback has made, it really suits Chordata's music.

Sunday, 29 August 2010


A London based design house


Not sure if Mundane is really her sir name but this lady is so far from mundane it's unreal! Carri Mundane is a fashion designer/stylist and has worked with M.I.A, The klaxons, Dizzee Rascal, Nelly Furtado and more. She has collaborated with Nike sportswear on may occasions and her future primitive collection with them was inspired by Shamanic ritual and ancient civilisations. She uses these inspiration and combines them with a modern day setting creating future warriors dressed in pixels and bold warrior paint style colour. The nike collections are a combination of luxury and sportswear.

I'm feeling very inspired by this amazing designer at the moment, she combines so many things that I love. combining ancient civilisations with computer game inspiration. Her work is helping me to see more clearly where I wold like to go as a designer and for my final major project. She says that she doesn't want her work to come across as ironic or retro and thats something I can relate to. Just because I am inspired by retro computers and computer games does not mean that I want my designs to be ironic. Her work is pure and graphic and thats how I see my own work

photographs of my bit wear products


One week after my first gig at ULTRACHIP and I am still buzzing! My products went down well and I sold all of my chains and most of my purses. I think the purses would have sold more if there had been more ladies but the event was packed full of nerdy boys! some bought some for girlfriends which I expected. I was on first and it was a bit of a blur but my set seemed to go down well and now I am just looking forward to doing it again.

It was a great opportunity for me to market my brand and sell my products at the festival and I couldn't have hoped for a better setting. My designs were instantly recognizable in this setting unlike anywhere else (uni included) unfortunately I didn't manage to find the time to print off any cards with my email and logo. I also sold some C.D'S which was extra awesome!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Pixelh8 is just great!
An article by pixelh8
pixelh8 on the bbc news at bletchley park.

Laurie spiegel

Pixleh8 has just recommended this amazing female pioneer in early electronic music to me. For me, it is so inspiring to discover woman in electronic Music, and especially when they are pioneers in the field. Laurie Spiegel is an early computer artist as well as electronic musician. This is exciting for as am discovering more and more about early computer art and how people felt about computer art and some even saw it as a negative thing unlike the artists such as John whitney who saw the computer as a tool to help him express his vision.