Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Shaman retreat back in 2006

After reading about Carri mundane's shamanic and ancient civilisation inspiration, it reminded me of a retreat that Gavin and I went on in 2006. It was new age retreat with new age shamans and it was called spirit, plant medicine. The idea was to spend a couple of days meditating, talking to plants and getting back to nature in group of around 15. On the last night our group sat in a circle and drank the brew ayahuasca, an ancient brew used by shamans in the Amazon for healing and divinatory purposes. it's a combination of leaves and bark grown in the Amazon and is brewed for around 12-15 hours. This particular brew was very mild but I was aware of the plant presence and felt as through the tress were watching me. every now and then i would see bright sparkling flowers out of the corner of my eye. This was during my second year doing fine art in college and when i returned i was very inspired by experience. After being so inspired by carrie mundane I felt compelled to dig out that sketch book and put some photo's up.

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