Friday, 16 July 2010

space invaders knit wear for kids and 8 bit landscape hoodies

So far I have not managed to find to many designers with 8 bit idea in mind. I found these two today and one of which is the Punk daddy Malcolm Mclaren. He has designed a range of kids where with retro gaming in mind. The thing about that is the kids wont have a clue what a space invader is and it's more likley to be the parents that will think it's cool and the nostalgia element will be directed at them. quite a good idea actually.

The other one is similar to that of the space invader as it is obvious that the design is taken from a vintage computer game. I like these hoodies and they are instantly recodnisable as such. They are definatley aimed at the computer game geek.
Article in wired magazine about chip tunes and Malcolm Mclarens 8 bit fashion range 'fashion beast'

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