Saturday, 17 July 2010

Process over aesthetic

It really is begining to look like I'm not the first person in the world to have the idea of computer game fashion and textiles. I just found this blog and it's a whole page worth dedicated to pixel fashion. It's great for me to see the possibilities of what my designs would look like once made into a garment as my initial idea was that the 8 bit aesthetic would look amazing on fabric but for me, I am really interested in the process and actually using obsolete computers to generate my designs. I'm really interested in the idea of the hacking of games and circuit bending a Nes(nintendo entertainment system)and also the possibility of writing software for the Nes with the intension of either hacking to create glitches and then digitally printed the result. The same idea goes for using techniques like video feedback, the idea is to capture the outcome and then print it. I am also interested in doing some knit using the same techniques. so it really is not all about the pixel aesthetic but more the machines I intend to use in the process.

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