Saturday, 18 September 2010


Meaning "cotton castles" I visited this site on my recent trip to Turkey and it was absolutely breath taking. From a distance it looks like a glacier. The white rock is formed by the flowing natural hot spring water which contains chloride, travertines are formed that you bath in or stick your feet in, it was just lovely! other natural springs in the area were red with iron and green with another mineral that turns things green, we didn't see these ones. This whole part of turkey was such an inspiration to me. From the colours of the cotton castles to the ancient sites of Ephesus and Hierapolis. The place was buzzing with history and as I was walking around the ancient city's it was as thro I could feel the presence of the people that once lived there thousands of years before. I found the relief carving, Nike especially inspiring as she is the goddess of victory!

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